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Royal Accessoires Sport

About us

Royal Sport Accessories is a French importer and distributer for long term partnerships.

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Royal Accessoires Sport Group revolves around 3 companies: Royal Moto France, Royal Vélo France and Royal Outdoor. The purpose of the company, in France and abroad is to buy, distribute and sell sports vehicles, equipment and clothing.

Strategic positioning of premium brands distributed through the most widespread multi-network channels in France: Royal Moto France : 1,200 points of sale and the specialised network Uvson; Royal Vélo France: 1,380 points of sale ; Royal Outdoor: 270 points of sale.

A group with a turnover of more than €40M.

A 40-year success story

We constantly adapt and improve our business model to remain successful and ensure our growth. Our 40-year-experience gives us the best skills on the markets of bikes and motorbikes and on the multi-channels distribution activity.

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Triple backflip


WORLD’S FIRST TRIPLE BACKFLIP ! … amazing pictures !!! Triple backflip on Youtube

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Stand RMF

JPMS Trade show

JPMS Trade show On February 6th and 7th, 2011 was held, it, now major Show of the Professional Days of the Motorcycle and the Scooter, in the Exhibition center Eurexpo (…)

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